The Studio

Black Dog Ceramics was established in October of 2014 by Kat Twomey, Janet Twomey and Katie Lemieux. Starting as a shared art space, it has grown into a fully equipped ceramic studio where the artists can explore their creativity and meet their production needs. In 2018 Kat brought BDC to the public with her line of functional leaf-printed ceramics. 

Our goal is to contribute to the vibrant ceramic community in Thunder Bay by creating high quality functional wares for the home. We sell at a variety of local craft events and through our web store.

The majority of our work is created from stoneware and fired twice, achieving a final temperature of 1222 degrees Celsius in an oxidation atmosphere. 


The Artist

Hi I'm Kat Twomey, the maker behind Black Dog Ceramics. I have been creating with clay since 2009 and I graduated from Lakehead University with a Fine Arts degree majoring in Ceramics. My work is created using a combination of wheel-thrown and slab built methods, using the texture of a living plant as the main form of decoration. I like to create a large variety of functional dishware and often explore new glazes and colour palettes. 

I’m inspired by the boreal forest and the gorgeous nature surrounding Thunder Bay.  Plants are important to all human life; I aim to bring elements of these plants into our daily lives through our food rituals. Through the ceramic process, I fossilize local foliage on the flat surfaces of my dishes. Due to the climate crisis these plants may not be around for future generations.

It is my goal to share the beauty of handmade functional pottery with people, and preserve imprints of our local plant life, creating familiarity when you see these plants in the wild.