Do you Ship?

Yes, shipping is available at checkout for addresses within the US and Canada. Check out the 'Shipping' page for more info! 


Can I shop on your site if I am tax exempt?

Absolutely! There are two options for you, purchase as normal and then send me an email letting me know so I can refund the tax back to you. Or create and account on this site and then send me an email so I can adjust the tax to automatically reduce for all your future purchases. 


Do you take special commissions? 

  Right now I am not taking any special requests. I do create a large variety of items, if you would like to inquire about upcoming items please send me an email.


Are your dishes microwave, oven and dishwasher safe?

  Yes! Any exceptions will be noted in the product description. To give your dishes the longest life possible, I do recommend hand washing, however using your dishwasher will be perfectly fine. 


What is thermal shock?

  Thermal shock happens when a ceramic dish changes temperature too quickly and cracks from the stress. Never put dishes from the freezer into the oven, or put a hot dish into cold water. The risk of thermal shock is lessened when there is food in the dish, as the temperature will change more slowly.